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Celtic Moon Sign For Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page, the founder of one of biggest bands of all time, Led Zeppelin, was born January 9th as a Capricorn, and under the Birch Tree and White Stag in the Celtic Moon signs. His ruling planet is the Sun, and the archetypal gods are Apollo, Osiris, Ra, Taliesin, Arthur, and Lugh, from Greek, Egyptian, and Celtic respectively. The Gaelic name for this sign is Damh, with the approximate pronunciation “Dav.”

His tree is the Birch, which is also known as the Lady of the Woods, Paper Birch, and White Birch. The birch is connected to writing a love letter spell.

“One is to gather the strips of the bark at the New Moon, and write in red ink “Bring me the true love. Then burn this along with a love incense, chanting “Goddess of love, goddess of desire, bring to me sweet passion’s fire.”

Birch trees used to cover the whole of the United Kingdom, the tree is one of the first to grow back after cutting a mature forest, hence its connections with new beginnings. From paper to the skin of canoes, the usefulness of the tree is matched by its beauty. The tree is considered “queen of the woods.”

“If the Oak and the Beech contend for the rank of king, there is no doubt as to the right of the Birch, clad as she is in cloth of silver, adorned with emeralds, or with “patines of pure gold,” to the title of queen of the woods.”

The name in the Tree Ogham, “Beithe,” has two meanings in Irish, it can mean “being,” as in “to be,” or a noun, such as “a being.” The genus name is Betula, and many consider the term “birch” came from barque, or barge, referring to the use of the bark for boats. Children’s cradles were made of birch, the inner bark provides a pain reliever, and the leaves can be used to treat arthritis. On the Isle of Man, off the coast of Scotland, criminals were “birched” to purify them and drive out evil spirits.

The birth animal is the White Stag, and they direct their energy and enterprise through ambitious strategy. They are reliable, and often financially successful, one could say Jimmy Page definitely fits these descriptions.

In Celtic legends The White Stag is regarded as one of the three original animals, and the blackbird, trout and stag respectively represent water, air and earth. It is connected in Celtic legend to the Underworld, and to the Green Man. Also the Man in the Tree, or Derg Corra, is always accompanied by a stag, and is the Celtic guardian of knowledge.

Source: Paterson, Helena, Celtic Moon Signs Barnes & Noble, 2004

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